Organic Floral Earl Grey with Lavender Tea | Tranquilitea

Earl Grey tea is commonly used to relax after a long day. The defining ingredient of Earl Grey, bergamot, has been known to be a soothing mood booster that helps with relaxation and stress reduction.⁠ Traditionally, Earl Grey has been popular among dads everywhere, not being introduced to newer generations in an appealing way. We created a blend to bridge the gap between different generations of tea drinkers, appealing to traditional palates as well as modern ones. The result is Tranquilitea.⁠

To create Tranquilitea, we started with a classic blend - black tea and bergamot. Our Indian black tea was chosen for being smooth and calming, with the aromatic Italian bergamot adding the citrus taste, the hallmark of Earl Grey. French lavender was added to introduce a creamy floral element, while the Egyptian rose petals were included to complement the floral notes.

A timeless classic. Tranquilitea is soothing, relaxing, and calming. A perfect blend enjoyed by every generation.